La Sera Shirts Store!

AKA the most beautiful website you have ever seen

We are currently closed, preparing for our next tour! This store will go live again in November 2016!

Shirts are Gildan Heavy Cotton and they kind of run a little big.
If you normally wear large, medium might work fine! No refunds/exchanges.

If you are allergic to cats, I would recommend washing your shirt right when you get it.
I'm not saying my cat has slept on your shirt, but I'm also NOT NOT saying that.

And if you're wondering why the words on my shirt are the right way despite being mirror images,
yes, I flipped the images horizontally. I am good at stuff.

Cowboy WHITE
Cowboy BLACK
Led Zeppelin BLACK
La Sera GREY
Tod Petty BLACK

Any large amounts of excessive shipping costs will be refunded :D

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